There is no doubt, that a resurgence of ethnic identity among the various Nubian subgroups in connection with the resettlement policies of the 1960s is taking place. The traumatic event of the resettlement can be considered the main cause for the renaissance among the Nubians. It is the relocation, which although on the one hand led to a decline in cultural distinctiveness on the other hand resulted in an emergence and an acceptance of the ethnic category Nubian among the subgroups. Old Nubia as a geographical region and as a romanticized land of peace and harmony serves as a basis of common identification. The Nubian language is considered to be of great importance for the maintenance of a distinctive identity. The language is in danger of disappearing as a spoken language resulting from the fact that today’s Nubians live in an Arabic dominated environment. The focus of all the revival efforts needs to be on the young generation. The Nubian clubs and associations for the revival and preservation of the Nubian heritage will certainly play a key role in this ongoing process.